Spring 2017

Bye bye Winter! Two days left!

It was not visible on the blog but this Winter has been intensive and time has run so quickly…

  • PROMETHEE Days 2017 are approaching. The programme will be available soon and I will be very happy to meet you in Portsmouth (UK) on May 11-12. Check the website http://www.promethee-days.com for information and registration.
  • ICDSST 2017 will take place in Namur (Belgium) on May 29-31. It is the meeting of the EURO Working Group on DSS and it will have a special PROMETHEE flavor this year as Jean-Pierre Brans will give a plenary lecture on PROMETHEE, MCDA and Ethics. Visit the website for more information: https://icdsst2017.wordpress.com
  • PROMETHEE has moved (well… at least I have) to a new house in the countryside called Wallifornia, South of Brussels. It has taken a lot of time to unplug, to pack, to move, to drill, to paint, to unpack, to plug, … and it is not finished yet… but I am writing this post from the new PromCave, right under the PROMETHEE Mansion. Villains beware, the Prom Knight is back to Brussels City. 😉 Which means that computers are on. Stay tuned for software development on http://www.promethee-gaia.net
  • Still  looking for a new more reliable PromMobile… Suggestions welcome at mailto:bmaresc@ulb.ac.be

Don’t forget the other information channels for the PROMETHEE Community:

  • On the PROMETHEE website: http://www.promethee-gaia.net
  • On Twitter: @bmaresc to follow me and @prometheedays for specific PROMETHEE Days information.
  • On LinkedIn: you are welcome to connect with me and with the close to 200 members of the PROMETHEE decision aid methods group.

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