Heraklion, May 22-25, 2018



A complete implementation of the PROMETHEE-GAIA multicriteria decision aid methodology



Intuitive and comprehensive spreadsheet interface


  • All data are directly available and editable.
  • Colors and shapes help to visualize groups of actions or criteria.
  • Qualitative and as well as quantitative scales can be defined.
  • Missing values are allowed as needed.
  • Criteria statistics and smart assistants are available to help the user to assess his/her preferences and priorities.
  • Actions and criteria can easily be disabled or enabled for partial analyses.
  • Multiple scenarios can be defined to reflect the points of view of several stakeholders or different hypotheses.
PROMETHEE Ranking - Chart view



  • Rank all the actions from the best to the worst one.
  • Complete and partial rankings are computed.
  • The partial ranking emphasizes situations where it is difficult or dangerous to compare some actions.
  • Use different views to better identify the best compromise decisions and to analyze incomparabilities.

GAIA Visual Analysis


  • Obtain a 2D or 3D representation of your decision problem.
  • Detect conflicting groups of criteria, identify clusters of similar actions.
  • Visualize your priorities and the consequences of your choices with the Decision Stick.
  • Perform visual weight sensitivity analyses.
  • Use GAIA-webs or bar charts to better compare the profiles for different actions.
  • Integrate several points of view in the multiple scenarios GAIA view.