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« on: April 08, 2020, 03:51:45 PM »
MADM approach for resource assignment to the offloaded mobile Application at cloud
The use of hand-held devices such as mobile phones and tablets has been increased rapidly in the recent years. The execution of software and mobile applications on mobile phones can direct towards the deprived performance against response-time and energy consumption. By proposing offloading aspect of App workloads, we have tried to enhance the performance of mobile devices and by proposing PROMETHEE MADM based technique, we have tried to deploy the most suitable resources available at Edges of clouds. The computation offloading in mobile devices consumes battery and time for moving the data from mobile devices to edges of cloud. To make use of cloud services offered by the cloud-edges, there is a need of multi-criteria based approach that not only compares the resources with respect to their attributes but also provides ranking of the resources to assign fastest resource to the mobile App. Eventually, the proposed method will optimize the execution time of mobile App and will reduce the energy consumed by the respective mobile App. Though many research efforts have been made in this decade to reduce the execution time of mobile Apps and energy consumed by mobile Apps by using offloading concept but after making the decision to execute the App at cloud-edge, it is vital to compare the resources for execution of mobile App to save energy and execution time. However, the concept of offloading has been evolved to fulfill the requirements of mobile users who wish to run multiple applications simultaneously and are in dire need of seamless connectivity to the network but offloading is not a promising solution until some next level method is not available to decide what cloud resource is to be allocated to the mobile user. If the mobile App takes more time and consumes more battery if executed on cloud then offloading is meaningless. In this paper, we are presenting the PROMETHEE-II MADM based technique for allocating resources from edge-cloud to mobile App after the mobile App is offloaded to the nearest edge of cloud for saving energy and execution time.