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« on: April 08, 2020, 04:16:56 PM »
Evaluating Investment in Infrastructure By The MCDA -The Digital Support of Criteria Evaluation
The realization of an infrastructure project produces several effects on the national economy and the political, social and regional environment. Indeed, the process of evaluation and selection of investment must consider the effects of this kind of projects on all stakeholders. In this context, adoption of multi-criteria approaches as a means of evaluation and selection can contribute to perform a consensus decision process. In fact, many consequences related to this project category and the important number of stakeholders involved in the decision-making process make divergences between interests, goals and main projects perception. On other side, the digital ways of conception, realization and management of infrastructure performs several tools to make those processes easier and unified. Those approaches provide mechanism of collection and processing of many sources of data, which must be combined and involved in the investment decision process. In this paper, we will try to discern the ways of contribution of the digital tools used in conception and performance of infrastructure projects to the process of investment decision making. Thus, we will try to examine the relationship between the criteria observed to make decision and the data performed by the digital tools. The mean objective is to regulate the criteria used in evaluating and selecting investment in major projects according to the data collected and controlled by the digital tools liKe BIM process. These criteria will assess the projects taking into account their characteristics and their quantification by the various stakeholders involved in the decision-making process. To achieve this aim, we propose the several kinds of criteria : Economic, commercial, Technical, Environmental, Political, Social, Financial Criteria…