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« on: April 08, 2020, 03:53:07 PM »
Allocation of links on OBS defined networks using PROMETHEE-II MCDM method
The optical burst switching (OBS) defined networks are emerging as a new infrastructure optical internet in the 21st century. The high demand for network bandwidth is a major challenge due to the increase in the global popularity of optical Internet. In order to minimize the consumption of bandwidth and to increase the network throughput, we are proposing a PROMETHEE-II based MADM approach in this paper. Once the traffic is classified at Optical switches, the normal traffic is to be channelized onto the links. Four criteria (hop count, bandwidth, wavelength, and traffic load) are considered and by applying the PROMETHEE-II MCDM method, the ranking of links is determined. The normal traffic is channelized on the link with top ranking. This proposed work would help in reducing congestion on the optical links, increasing the throughput of the network and in enhancing the transmission rate of the data. The proposed work is divided into two phases, the first phase would calculate the values for the criteria considered for the study and second phase will allow the pairwise comparison of the criteria along with determining the ranks of the links.