Several PROMETHEE activities and milestones are scheduled in 2016:

  • The PROMETHEE Bibliographical Database crossed the 1300 references level yesterday. We can expect to reach 1500 references in 2016. Check
  • In April, the 1st PROMETHEE Academy will take place in Montréal. The right place and the right time to become a certified PROMETHEE scientist and to learn how to master the Visual PROMETHEE software. And to prepare for…
  • The PROMETHEE Days 2016 workshop that will take place in May in Montréal, together with the Optimization Days 2016 conference. Check
  • The PROMETHEE Jean-Pierre Brans Award will honor the best paper presented at PROMETHEE Days 2016. Will you be the 3rd Award Winner?
  • In July, the EURO 2016 conference will include PROMETHEE sessions. Contact me for participation:
  • Plus more to come…

To be sure to get up to date information, several information channels are available: LinkedIn bmaresc , Twitter @bmaresc

Check and register.


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