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Spring 2017

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Bye bye Winter! Two days left!

It was not visible on the blog but this Winter has been intensive and time has run so quickly…

  • PROMETHEE Days 2017 are approaching. The programme will be available soon and I will be very happy to meet you in Portsmouth (UK) on May 11-12. Check the website for information and registration.
  • ICDSST 2017 will take place in Namur (Belgium) on May 29-31. It is the meeting of the EURO Working Group on DSS and it will have a special PROMETHEE flavor this year as Jean-Pierre Brans will give a plenary lecture on PROMETHEE, MCDA and Ethics. Visit the website for more information:
  • PROMETHEE has moved (well… at least I have) to a new house in the countryside called Wallifornia, South of Brussels. It has taken a lot of time to unplug, to pack, to move, to drill, to paint, to unpack, to plug, … and it is not finished yet… but I am writing this post from the new PromCave, right under the PROMETHEE Mansion. Villains beware, the Prom Knight is back to Brussels City. 😉 Which means that computers are on. Stay tuned for software development on
  • Still  looking for a new more reliable PromMobile… Suggestions welcome at

Don’t forget the other information channels for the PROMETHEE Community:

  • On the PROMETHEE website:
  • On Twitter: @bmaresc to follow me and @prometheedays for specific PROMETHEE Days information.
  • On LinkedIn: you are welcome to connect with me and with the close to 200 members of the PROMETHEE decision aid methods group.

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